WELCOME TO Talent Development Institute

Our Mission

The mission of the Talent Development Institute (TDI) is to develop talent, for individuals and for organizations. Through various partners and programs, TDI helps people achieve their full potential by building and nurturing skills and specialties that are proven to be in high demand by the market. With its patent-pending verified credentials ecosystem, TDI helps organizations find the talent they seek with complete confidence in where the talent acquired which skills.

OUR Course Designers and Advisors

The professional standards and expectations

Dr. Lawrence Ma

B.A. Math (Yale), M.S. Math (Stanford), Ph.D. Math (Cornell)

Dr. Prof. Alan Edelman

B.S. Math (Yale), M.S. Math (Yale), Ph.D. Math (MIT)

Dr. Prof. Alfred Ma

B.Sc. Math (CUHK), M.Phil. Math (CUHK), Ph.D. Operations Research (Columbia), CFA, PRM, ASA

Dr. Prof. Guan Seng Khoo

Former Head of ERM/GRC, AIMCo, Changi Airports International & Investment Firms

Dr. Prof. John Yuen

B.Eng. Information Engineering (CUHK), M.Phil. Information Engineering (CUHK), Ph.D. Operations Research (Wollongong)

Dr. Prof. Terrya Choi

B.Sc. Computational Science & Math (NUS), M.Sc. Statistics & Applied Probability (NUS), Ph.D. Computational & Mathematical Engineering (Stanford)

Mr. Pierre Andurand

M.Sc. Mathematical & Theoretical Physics(Oxford), M.Sc. Astrophysics (Queen Mary, London), M.Sc. International Finance (HEC, Paris), M.S. Computational and Applied Mathematics (INSA, Toulouse)

Course Instructors and Tutors

The professional standards and expectations

Chon Yeung

B.Sc. Financial Technology (PolyU), H.D. Software Engineering (IVE)

Dennis Cheung

B.Eng. System Engineering and Engineering Management, M.S. Computer Science (CUHK)

Gabriel Chan

B.A.Sc. Systems Design Engineering (Waterloo)

Kevin Woo

B.Sc. Finance & Logistics Management (Northeastern), J.D. (CityU), PCLL (CityU)

Peter Woo

B.S. Computer Science (Calgary)

William Mui

B.Sc. Computing (PolyU)


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